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Mission Statement

My mission is to use the knowledge and skills I acquired through my MPH graduate preparation to make a difference in the public health field.  I am passionate about engaging and partnering with disadvantaged and underserved populations to learn together about their needs and strengths, and how they can use them to strive for a healthier and stronger community.  On a global scale, the changes would translate into a healthier world.

My experience in the health and human services fields have allowed me to see firsthand the needs that many of our community members experience while striving for a better life. I worked with a diverse population that included at-risk youth, battered women, newcomers, homeless and people with substance use issues and HIV/AIDS.  Many of them were in need of shelter, food, health and legal services, transportation, employment, childcare and so forth. The needs were unlimited and the resource scarce. In my role as a social services provider, I learned to be resourceful in order to help these individuals meet their needs.

I look forward to applying the skills I have learned in this program together with my work experience to develop and implement public health actions that foster health equality and human rights.

I invite you to view my eFolio and learn about my projects and accomplishments.

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