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Program Evaluation


In the public health field, the evaluation of social programs is imperative to find out if programs have been successful in achieving their desired goals. The ultimate impact of social programs is to alleviate social problems in a community and support the reduction of health inequalities. Information from an evaluation that is conducted by following the guiding principles and standards, engaging stakeholders, learning about the program content, asking the right guiding questions and placing value on program's priorities would allow both the community and researcher to demonstrate if the program is worthy of improvements, continuation and or implementation.

Evidence of Competence in Program Evaluation


During this course, my evaluation team was in charge of designing a program evaluation plan for a program NICOS Summer Internship Program (NSIP), which was developed in 2011. The evaluation plan consisted of evaluating the fieldwork experience of the NSIP.  The fieldwork component would provide an opportunity for interns to rotate through multiple NICOS member organizations to engage with the San Francisco Chinese community, acquire experience working in a community-based setting, and develop a community health perspective, while improving their professional skills.


The evaluation to NSIP program will focus on improving the existing program with the potential of expanding NSIP and utilizing the model with other health and social service organizations that work with underserved communities.


The long-term outcome of NSIP is to expand the Chinese bilingual/bicultural workforce by inspiring bilingual/bicultural Chinese undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in health profession programs to pursue careers working with the underserved Chinese community.


The ultimate impact of NSIP is to increase access to linguistically and culturally appropriate health and human services for all LEP/NEP Chinese in San Francisco.

If you would like to read more about our evaluation paper, please, click on the document located in the left-hand sidebar.

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